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Bibiana Atada

Extreme-Ink Bibiana Atada Extreme-Ink Bibiana AtadaExtreme-Ink Bibiana Atada

Extreme-Ink Exclusive Interview

Extreme-Ink talked with Bibiana Atada in an exclusive interview, where she talks about her life as an Internationally published tattooed model.

Bibiana’s Details:

Eye Color: Green

Bust: 93 cm

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 48 kg

Hips: 87 cm

Waist: 59 cm

Ethnicity: Spanish Latina

 Extreme-Ink Asks Bibiana…


What was your life like before professional modelling…

Bibiana – I had a normal life as a child even though I started modeling with an early age..even before I went to school.

How did you get your break…

Bibiana – I never had an actual break because I always had jobs & bookings..until this day.

What has been the lowest point in your career for you…

Bibiana – When I had my knee surgery because I wasn’t able to do anything and I hate to not be able to work.

What has been the highest point in your professional career so far…

Bibiana – Wow,that’s a hard question because I had so many awesome opportunities to work with so many great photographers in so many different countries but I think 1 of my biggest highlights was to work in LA this year with Estevan Oriol, Taadow 69k, Isaac Madera and Hugo V Photography .

What would you say to an aspiring model if they asked you for career advice…

Bibiana – Be spontaneous, always on time, don’t argue too much but at the same time know your value. Be yourself….and take good care of your body.

We asked Bibiana to describe herself in one word…

Bibiana – A “crazy” chick with a lot of temper, funny who can always laugh about herself.

 View full photo shoots of this Crazy Chick |Photography by Maurizio Fantin &  Peter W. Czernich

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