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Cami Li


Extreme-Ink Exclusive Interview

Extreme-Ink talked with Cami Li in an exclusive interview, where she talks about her life as a famous Alt model.

What was your life like before professional modelling…

I was a Hooters girl, going to college for my bachelors in Philosophy.

How did you get your break…

I got my first feature after submitting to a magazine call ‘Bella Morte’ I was soooo excited!

What has been the lowest point in your career for you…

I was told ‘NO’ a lot before I was finally able to get myself out there. It’s a tough industry to break into.

What has been the highest point in your professional career so far…

Being hired as one of the judges and host of a new show, Models & Rock.

What would you say to an aspiring model if they asked you for career advice…

Never take ‘NO’ for an answer. Keep pushin’ til you make it, sista.

Describe yourself in one word…

Ambitious  🙂


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Photo By: Trick Productions