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Roxy Lee

Extreme-Ink Exclusive Interview

Extreme-Ink talked with Roxy Lee in an exclusive interview, where she talks about her life as a tattooed model and singer songwriter

What was your life like before professional modelling…

Before I got serious about modelling I was working in the restaurant industry and I also had my own weekly radio show. I’m a singer and songwriter and have always been involved with the music industry. Working in radio was a fun way to get my music heard as well as immerse myself in the culture. I miss radio, but I definitely do not miss waiting tables!

How did you get your break…

I think I’m still waiting for it 🙂 However, the success I’ve had in the modelling industry is due 100% to hard work and dedication. Not letting the naysayers get you down, because they will try. You’ve got to wake up every day and work towards your goals, and the opportunities come your way!

What has been the lowest point in your career for you…

I think we all go through ups and downs, it’s what makes us human. I’d say my biggest and most constant struggle has been with body issues. It may seem cliche, but I’m in an industry full of teeny tiny girls, and I am anything but. I’m tall, curvy, I’ve got thick thighs and a booty. Any low points have come from insecurities within myself,  but it’s something I work towards over coming.

What has been the highest point in your professional career so far…

Getting to travel for shoots this summer and work with some amazing photographers has really been a great experience. I got to work with some seriously talented ladies, Jellyfish Jones and Cat Attack. Shooting with both of them had been goals of mine and I’m so proud to have achieved that!

What would you say to an aspiring model if they asked you for career advice…

My answer is always to work hard. Show up and give em the business. Part of success is being in the right time at the right place, but to be in that place at that time, requires you to pay your dues and climb the ladder. We all have to start somewhere, there’s no shame in that. We start where we start and then we progress.

Describe yourself in one word…

🙂 hmmmmm….. Pink…. yea, I’m gonna have to go with “pink”

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