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Samantha DollBaby

Extreme-Ink Exclusive Interview

Extreme-Ink talked with Samantha DollBaby in an exclusive interview, where she talks about her life as a published tattooed model.

What was your life like before professional modelling…

I’ve always been a creative and artistic person so modelling has encouraged that side. My life wasn’t nearly as fast pace as it is now and I’m certainly feeling blessed every day for all the positive vibes and amazing people I’ve crossed paths with.

How did you get your break…

I kind of just fell into it to be honest. I Kept having fun with it and just kept shooting. Before I knew it people were responding very well to what I was putting out. I still haven’t reached where I would like to be but it’s a waiting/growing game.

What has been the lowest point in your career for you…

Mmm I believe there have been many lows for me In this industry, but I wouldn’t say I’ve ever hit my lowest of low point. Everything takes time and lots of work. Nothing happens over night and I realized that really quickly.

What has been the highest point in your professional career so far…

When I landed my very first cover for “Southern Ink Magazine.” I couldn’t stop smiling for like a week!

What would you say to an aspirin model if they asked you for career advice…

Do not sell yourself short and be aware of who you’re working with. Just have fun with it and never be afraid to say no and do this for you not because it may come off as “glamorous” or “cool.” Most of the time it’s not all that glamours. Haha. Most importantly, don’t sell yourself short by labeling yourself a certain type of model. Be well rounded.

Describe yourself in one word…

Mmm I’m a Pisces so I’m kind of all over the place…”Passionate” Would probably suit me best. I am a major romantic and put my heart and soul into anything and everything I get my hands on. Everything I do is out of love and passion.

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